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People have asked us about Certifications and why we have chosen to PennHip instead of going with OFA for our dogs hip certifications. There are many reasons and one of the biggest is the errors that we have experienced with OFA and our own dogs. OFA is subjective where PennHip is scientific. I found the following online and I think it explains it better than I can;

OFA, in spite of being used as a breeding criterion for nearly 50 years, has repeatedly had low success in actually improving dog genetics. It's prone to false negatives in many cases, and is a worse measure of the actual genetics we need to control. That's significantly because OFA uses a single X-Ray radiograph for its analysis, while PennHIP uses three taken from different angles. PennHIP can actually give a quantitative measurement of hip laxity regardless of hip shape and is less prone to technical error.

The most important thing is being sure that our breeding dogs are healthy and that they are not passing on genetic diseases. Although, we sure don't want to take healthy dogs out of our breeding business when it is unnecessary to do so. We will rely on the most accurate form of certifying our dogs, that is why we have decided to use PennHip.

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