Whispering Willow   


DOB: April 4, 2015


March 2016

March 2016

Pedigree: http://www.k9data.com/pedigree.asp?ID=667018

 Willow is a very special girl and we looked forward to the beautiful babies she would be having.  We were completely devastated when we took her to be certified and told that she has mild hereditary cardiac disease  (SAS) and that we would not be able to breed her.  She is such a beautiful young lady and she would make such a beautiful mommy with adorable babies, but she will not know that experience. We are very saddened. But on the other hand, we are happy that we have found this as we would NEVER want to place puppies in any home that are not healthy. So it is a good thing we know and have not passed this along to any of our puppies.  Going forward, we now know that this will not affect her or her life expectancy in any way. She will not have to be tested each year. This has progressed as far as it will. She will make a great pet from this point on. She runs and plays, loves to chase a ball and swim and all of that does not need to change in the least. So we are very blessed to have found a new home for Willow with a couple of very special boys. One of them is a special needs boy and the other is Willows new best friend. She is loved on every day and is very happy. Thank you so much Troy, Karen, Tyler and Julian for giving Willow such a wonderful home.