Pregnant or Not????

We put the female and male together during her season, at just the right time and they do their thing. Then we leave it up to Mother Nature to decide whether or not there will be puppies. We of course are always very hopeful. We just adore those little creatures!

The funny thing about this is the way God works it out. When we don't have a female who is expecting puppies, we don't get anyone calling or emailing, interested in adopting a puppy. Maybe one every month, maybe a couple? But not more than that. Then boom, when we have a pregnant female, before we even advertise, the emails and phone calls start pouring in.

That is what is happening now! We don't know for sure if Autumn is pregnant or not, but if you go by the inquiries, I would say she is. I know she is! Just because that is the way God works, every time! It's uncanny how every time we have a female pregnant, the calls/emails start coming out of the woodwork.

Of course not everyone buys a puppy. Some don't want to spend that much on a dog. But if they knew what we put into our dogs, they would understand the cost. Heck, we took a big loss on two of our dogs that ended up having heart disease. We paid a lot more than $1500 for those dogs, paid for food, vets, toys etc. for two years just to find out we could not breed them. Then we ended up taking a big loss when we adopted them out.

But I do understand. Times are tough for a lot of people and they just can't afford to pay that much. You have to pay a good amount to get a good/healthy dog. And I do feel that if they are willing to pay that much, they are going to take good care of the puppy/dog. These are people who are dedicated to the dog. That is the type of home we want our puppies in. We don't want our puppies to go to homes where they leave the dog outside all day tied to a tree. Or someone who decides they can't handle the puppy and gives it to a shelter. We do our best to put each of our puppies into good, loving homes where the puppy and the people are happy.

We love to stay in contact with our puppy families. We have even developed a Face Book page for our "Puppy Families." We share pictures and stories, help each other out with any issues, and give each other advise. We also run contests on the page, those who enter get their dogs name put into the hat and the name we draw gets a gift card to a pet supply store. They get to go shopping for treats or toys. It is fun and everyone loves seeing all the other dogs from our kennels. The best part is that we get to see what is going on in our Puppy's lives and how they turned out when they are fully grown. Love the pictures!!!

I don't really understand how breeders can raise those puppies for eight weeks then let them go to the new owner and never hear from them again! I get attached to each and every puppy. I want to see it grow up and become a beautiful Golden. I love hearing the stories and antics that they pull. I love seeing them go through training and become a well mannered family member. I love knowing that our puppies are happy and well cared for. I also love hearing how happy the family is with their puppy. All of that is very important to me. It pains me when we don't hear from a puppy family. We have a couple of them, and I have reached out to them and asked them to share. Maybe they are just too busy. But who doesn't want to share their beautiful Golden and what he/she is doing with the world? I will keep trying and hopefully one day, they will start sharing pictures and stories about their furry family member. All I can do is pray!

Well, I will end it here. We will probably have puppies in about 4 or 5 weeks. She is looking a little on the "fat" side. LOL. can always "like" or comment on our blog. Feel free, I love to hear from people. Have a Golden day!


Harold LeibComment