Mommies, Daddies and puppies on the way

I love to watch nature. All kinds of nature and the way that God made everything work. It amazes me all the time. Do you ever just sit back and watch the "glory"?  Many times I find myself trying to take over, thinking I know better than he does and pushing things faster than they should go. Then God/nature, takes over and kicks me out of the way. I sit back and watch the beauty of it. And God reminds me to be patient, he has everything under control, don't worry, it will all be okay. And it is!

Autumn is getting bigger and bigger by the minute almost. You can tell she is at that point that most pregnant mom's get to, where you just want to have the baby and stop being fat! She loves being a mommy though. When Molly had her puppies last time, Autumn wanted in so badly to take care of the puppies. It won't be long now, could be only a week away. We have everything in place and my husband has just made a new whelping box. It is beautiful and will work wonderful. We have been very blessed and lucky to have not lost any puppies from one crawling behind mom and suffocating. Now we will not have to worry about that. 

We mated Autumn with Stryker who is from near Chattanooga. He is a very handsome sire and we are so looking forward to this litter. We wanted another true "Golden" puppy having so much "English Cream" in our kennel. When we lost Tucker from our breeding stock, we lost the ability to further our "American Golden" color, Stryker gives us that. We will be looking to keep a female from this litter. Hopefully another Autumn. When this puppy is old enough to breed, we will be retiring Autumn. Somewhere down the line, we hope to find another "Golden" male that we can add to our kennel. We love the "Golden" coat on Autumn, her head and those eyes that seem to penetrate to your heart and soul. She has such a wonderful temperament. She is one that we will keep even after we retire her. 

Gracie and Astor are in the process of procreation. They are going to make some beautiful puppies, I cannot wait to see them. Gracie has always been so good with all the puppies from the past litters, I just know that she will be a good mommy. This will be her first litter. I expect her to deliver the first week of April. And we already have people waiting for those puppies. 

Molly is driving Bailey a little crazy. She is taking her old sweet time getting ready to procreate with him. He knows Astor is having fun and he is just going crazy. But it should not be too long before Molly will be ready. She came into season before Gracie did. Molly and Bailey have already had one litter together and those puppies are just gorgeous/handsome. Our Bo is one of them and we just adore him. So they have a proven track record and Molly is really a great mommy. So it looks like she will probably have puppies just after Gracie, I would guess???

On another front, Stryker's owner, Traci and her kennel. What wonderful people they are. They love their dogs like we do and think along the same lines. She has brought two of her females (Ruthie and Paula) up here to mate with Astor. Astor has been a busy man lately...LOL! But he was a good boy and was very nice to the ladies. So we should be expecting puppies from those two girls sometime in March also. We will be getting a puppy from each of those litters that we will most likely be selling. Have to wait and see. But I think we will not be keeping them.  

So...puppies, puppies, puppies.  I love it so much!, work , work!!!!  If you have never bred dogs, you probably don't realize how much work is involved. Let me tell you, there is tons. Never ending work.  This will be the first time I have had more than one litter at a time and I am a little nervous about it. Oh, don't get me wrong, I am ready for it. But I also know how much work one litter is. Times that by three!  With one litter I do a load of towels every single day, with one litter I am cleaning and feeding what seems like constantly.  When they are bigger, I am running every which way after them. Of course I would not let three litters out all at one time. That would be too confusing. Although, I believe you will be able to tell all the litters apart due to the colorings. Autumn's will be all Golden, Molly's will be all White and Gracie's will be a mix.

So as those of you who have sent in deposits sit and wait anxiously with great anticipation. Wondering when your little fur ball will arrive and what he/she will look like. I sit anxiously waiting for the days to come when I will be enjoying all the little puppies and working endlessly to keep them clean and happy.  But let me tell you this...I will enjoy every minute of it, and thank God for it.

That is my thoughts and meanderings for Monday, Jan. 30, 2017. Feel free to comment if you would like. Don't forget to "like" it...LOL! 

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