What a stage!

The puppies are 5 & 6 weeks old right now and they couldn't get more adorable. These are Gracie and Molly's puppies. Autumn's puppy is now 12 weeks old and what a spitfire he is. We kept him and named him Dexter (Blessed). But anyway, back to the little one's.   I go and open up the door to their playpen where we keep them and they come running out and every one of them want to be picked up and loved on.  I wish I had six sets of arms so I could love on them all at once. I don't want to pick up even one of them because I feel like I am hurting the other puppy's feelings and then when I have to put that one down, I feel I have not held it long enough.  How sad and yet how wonderful!  I wish they would just stop growing and stay with me for a little bit longer.  But it really is a lot of work right now. I am mom!

It is funny how that door closes.  One day they look for her every time they are hungry and she is there for them, caring for their every need.  Nurturing them and teaching them the very basic things.  Then that day comes, boom!  Mom is gone and they don't even seem to notice. They move on to different food.  They don't look for her anymore. They run and play and are so independent. Someone just clicked that switch and just like that, they are done. I am now mom!

They follow me everywhere I go.  I can call them and they come running from wherever they are. It is so cute to see those little legs running up to me. They have these expressions on their face as if they are smiling and so happy to see me.  I call "Puppy, puppy, puppy" and whistle...six little puppies come running from all directions. Of course this only lasts for a couple of weeks. Wait...they become curious!  One day not too long from now, they will start wondering off in all different directions and they will no longer come when I call.  One will be going into the woods at the edge of the property and I will go running to rescue it, yelling no, no don't go in there.  I will grab it by the foot just as it is disappearing and turn around to carry it back up the hill to the house only to find that at least three other puppies have followed me down and are now going into the woods also.  I only have two arms!!!!  I yell for my husband to help me, but he is hard of hearing and doesn't come, so I do the best I can.  I get them marching up the hill, convincing them by carrying a couple and steering the others with my feet.  Once up top, I put them in their playpen where they are safe and sound.  It is at these times when I think that I cannot take much more of this!!! I am getting too old for this stuff.  But I really do love just about every minute of it. 

When those families come to pick up their new little babies, I just love to see the joy on their faces and later hear all the stories they share with us.  I love watching the puppies grow up through the pictures that are shared.  I love all the friends that we have made through our puppy families and am so glad that we keep in touch after those puppies go home.  We are not a breeder that sends the puppy out the door and we are done with it. We like to keep in touch and see how they are doing as they grow.  Make sure that the puppy parents/families are happy.  I really enjoy being a breeder.  Don't let anyone ever tell you it's easy, it is a lot of work. But I love the dogs and I love the people. That makes it all worthwhile.

We question????

As i have said, i sit and watch nature and it amazes me. I wonder at it all, the way it works. I know that God is in control and He has his purposes. Monday Autumn gave birth to four sweet little puppies, the first three were stillborn. I worked hard to get those little puppies to start breathing, there seemed no apparent reason for them not to breath. They looked perfectly normal, they were warm and fully formed, their color was nice and pink. Everything was completely normal except they would not take that first breath! I question...WHY? 

I will never know that answer, so I will trust my God that He knows best. Of course He does, I know that. I am so very thankful for the one little puppy that we do have and he is very strong and healthy, Praise the Lord! Autumn is vigilant over this puppy, she will not leave him except to go to the bathroom and then she rushes back to him and checks him over completely. She is very protective of this one little puppy she has left. 

I am sad for the puppies that did not make it. I feel a sense of loss for them and for Autumn. That is a lot for her to go through and then to loose them, that seemed hard on her. As I sat there with her Monday night, I prayed over her asking God to give her a live baby. It was so hard time after time to take these babies away from her. The look on her face and her looking for them wondering what happened. It was almost as if she was blaming me. So I prayed that she would have at least one live baby. God answered my prayer that night. He heard me and answered. Thank you Lord for that one live baby for Autumn. She needed him to love on and take care of. She is such a caring and wonderful mommy. Again, it's nature at it's best, doing exactly what it's supposed to do without any help from us. She knows just what to do with that little guy, nobody needs to tell her.

Nobody can tell me there is not a God. Watch the miracle of life take place and think of all that it takes to make that happen. That perfect little puppy was created from nothing, now it is a living, breathing, growing puppy. It comes out of mom's belly and it knows by instinct to start rooting around on it's belly to find mom and a nipple. He cannot see, he cannot hear, he only knows by smell to find her and he knows he needs her to stay warm. In less than two weeks his eyes will be open, he will hear and he will be running around on all four legs no longer needing mom to keep him warm. This puppy that was nothing two months ago will be out on his own, without mom, in a totally new home in just two months from now.  They grow and mature so fast. Okay, maybe not mature, but they grow very fast. 

So okay, I still question why those first three puppies couldn't live. Wouldn't you? I am told by other breeders and the vet that these things "just happen" sometimes. We just don't know why! I have to be okay with that and move forward and believe me, I am. We are now settling into taking care of Autumn and Cooper(the little guy.) And looking forward to Gracie and Molly possibly having puppies the beginning of April. So I am going to start talking to God now about those two. You want to help me?


Mommies, Daddies and puppies on the way

I love to watch nature. All kinds of nature and the way that God made everything work. It amazes me all the time. Do you ever just sit back and watch the "glory"?  Many times I find myself trying to take over, thinking I know better than he does and pushing things faster than they should go. Then God/nature, takes over and kicks me out of the way. I sit back and watch the beauty of it. And God reminds me to be patient, he has everything under control, don't worry, it will all be okay. And it is!

Autumn is getting bigger and bigger by the minute almost. You can tell she is at that point that most pregnant mom's get to, where you just want to have the baby and stop being fat! She loves being a mommy though. When Molly had her puppies last time, Autumn wanted in so badly to take care of the puppies. It won't be long now, could be only a week away. We have everything in place and my husband has just made a new whelping box. It is beautiful and will work wonderful. We have been very blessed and lucky to have not lost any puppies from one crawling behind mom and suffocating. Now we will not have to worry about that. 

We mated Autumn with Stryker who is from near Chattanooga. He is a very handsome sire and we are so looking forward to this litter. We wanted another true "Golden" puppy having so much "English Cream" in our kennel. When we lost Tucker from our breeding stock, we lost the ability to further our "American Golden" color, Stryker gives us that. We will be looking to keep a female from this litter. Hopefully another Autumn. When this puppy is old enough to breed, we will be retiring Autumn. Somewhere down the line, we hope to find another "Golden" male that we can add to our kennel. We love the "Golden" coat on Autumn, her head and those eyes that seem to penetrate to your heart and soul. She has such a wonderful temperament. She is one that we will keep even after we retire her. 

Gracie and Astor are in the process of procreation. They are going to make some beautiful puppies, I cannot wait to see them. Gracie has always been so good with all the puppies from the past litters, I just know that she will be a good mommy. This will be her first litter. I expect her to deliver the first week of April. And we already have people waiting for those puppies. 

Molly is driving Bailey a little crazy. She is taking her old sweet time getting ready to procreate with him. He knows Astor is having fun and he is just going crazy. But it should not be too long before Molly will be ready. She came into season before Gracie did. Molly and Bailey have already had one litter together and those puppies are just gorgeous/handsome. Our Bo is one of them and we just adore him. So they have a proven track record and Molly is really a great mommy. So it looks like she will probably have puppies just after Gracie, I would guess???

On another front, Stryker's owner, Traci and her kennel. What wonderful people they are. They love their dogs like we do and think along the same lines. She has brought two of her females (Ruthie and Paula) up here to mate with Astor. Astor has been a busy man lately...LOL! But he was a good boy and was very nice to the ladies. So we should be expecting puppies from those two girls sometime in March also. We will be getting a puppy from each of those litters that we will most likely be selling. Have to wait and see. But I think we will not be keeping them.  

So...puppies, puppies, puppies.  I love it so much!  But...work, work , work!!!!  If you have never bred dogs, you probably don't realize how much work is involved. Let me tell you, there is tons. Never ending work.  This will be the first time I have had more than one litter at a time and I am a little nervous about it. Oh, don't get me wrong, I am ready for it. But I also know how much work one litter is. Times that by three!  With one litter I do a load of towels every single day, with one litter I am cleaning and feeding what seems like constantly.  When they are bigger, I am running every which way after them. Of course I would not let three litters out all at one time. That would be too confusing. Although, I believe you will be able to tell all the litters apart due to the colorings. Autumn's will be all Golden, Molly's will be all White and Gracie's will be a mix.

So as those of you who have sent in deposits sit and wait anxiously with great anticipation. Wondering when your little fur ball will arrive and what he/she will look like. I sit anxiously waiting for the days to come when I will be enjoying all the little puppies and working endlessly to keep them clean and happy.  But let me tell you this...I will enjoy every minute of it, and thank God for it.

That is my thoughts and meanderings for Monday, Jan. 30, 2017. Feel free to comment if you would like. Don't forget to "like" it...LOL!