Our family consists of Sampson (DOB 10-4-04), a yellow lab/golden mix who we rescued from the humane society at 10 wks old.  Charlie (DOB 12-29-06), an AKC Golden Retriever. Charlie is living in Michigan with our son now, who we should have, but never did breed. He was a birthday present from my husband while we were still living in Michigan and working too many hours.  We are very sad to say that Charlie is no longer with us. He passed over the rainbow bridge this past Dec. on his 11th birthday. We miss Charlie very dearly, but he is running free and happy.

We began our breeding with Autumn (DOB 10-15-12) and Bailey (DOB 10-17-13). We were very lucky with these two. They are very beautiful dogs and produce some of the most beautiful puppies. 

In May of 2015 we added 3 new family members; Astor (DOB 4-3-2012), Molly (DOB 12-11-2014) and Tucker (DOB 3-13-2015).

Later in the summer Willow (DOB 4-4-2015) joined our family,  Gracie came along (DOB 7-17-2015) in the summer of 2015. We were heartbroken to find out that both Willow and Tucker have mild heart disease. So we sent Tucker to a loving home in Ohio and Willow is with a loving family in eastern Tennessee. She is somewhat of a therapy dog to a wonderful boy who is special needs and she is also a best friend to his brother. We are very happy she is in such a great home.

So then Shiloh (DOB 5-29-16) came to us and we kept a male from Molly and Bailey's litter, Bo (DOB 8-15-16).  We kept Dexter from Autumn and Stryker (DOB 2-6-17) and we got Bella from Country Goldens who we work closely with. Her daddy is our Bailey. She was born Nov. 26, 2017.

 We love our dogs , they are our kids, they swim with us every time we are in the pool, and many times when we aren't.

All except Sammy, he will have nothing to do with the water.

They ride in the car with us (not all at once), and we spend time playing ball with them almost every day.  

They do not stay in the house with us all the time, our house is not big enough for all of them and us. We rotate them in the house and when they are young they are with us most of the time. We have a big pole barn where we have kennels for them, but they are free to roam the 6 acres of our property most of the time. We do not keep them locked up in their kennels.

If you come visit, they will be in their kennels because Goldens are very friendly dogs and most people would be slightly intimidated if they were greeted by 9 big dogs all at once (a few of them are over 80 lbs).  So when we have company, we put them in their kennels. We love company, so give us a call, come visit, you will fall in love with our babies too, I promise you will. 








You are welcome to meet our kids, give us a call...931-400-3906