Preferred Breeders

The breeders listed on this page are breeders who we work closely with. These breeders have brought their females here to breed with our males. We consider these breeders to be conscientious and of the same beliefs as us where it comes to breeding and raising puppies. They have their breeding dogs certified before they consider breeding them to be sure they are not passing on disease genetically.

If we cannot get you the puppy you want, we will refer you to one of these breeders if we know that they have puppies on the way or already born.

Country Goldens

Owner: Traci Thompson


We also breed our girls with Country Golden males.

 Golden League

Owner: Justice Woodside


 Touch of Amber

Owner: Teresa Roy


Sabbaday Falls Goldens 

Owners: Patti & Melissa Vandenbroek



Owner: Connie Daggett