Here you will find a copy of our  Purchase and Health Guarantee.  We require that each puppy buyer read through it, prior to picking up their puppy.  We will have a copy ready for you to sign at time of pick up.  This  guarantee protects you as well as us and most importantly the puppy.  So please read over the guarantee; if you have any questions at all, we will be more than happy to talk to you and answer them as best we can.  We love our puppies and believe that you will too!!


 Young Ridge Goldens Kennel

Harold & Suzanne Leib






As referenced herein, the parties to this agreement are identified as follows:

Seller: Harold and/or Suzanne Leib



This sales agreement is acknowledged and confirmed as being a complete description of the terms and conditions of the sale concerning the following puppy and purchase price:


AKC#: ________________   male/female DOB: ______________________

Price: $________________

Sire:__Young Ridge ___________________ 

Dam:_Young Ridge____________________  puppy is guaranteed to be in good health, and has been examined by our licensed veterinarian at six weeks of age. Seller warrants at time of puppy pickup that the puppy referenced above is in good health, and is free of any congenital defect that causes death, natural or via euthanasia or significantly impairs the quality of life.  BUYER must have puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian within one (1) week of pickup, or this health guarantee is NULL and VOID, with no warranty of health, whether expressed or implied by law and is hereby voluntarily waived by BUYER. 


ALL veterinarian fees or associated costs are the responsibility of the BUYER. There is no guarantee against fleas, worms, ear mites, coccidia, giardia, due to SELLER having no control over the puppy’s new environment.  Every precaution has been taken to ensure that you have a healthy puppy at pickup.


We cannot guarantee that your puppy will never develop any health problems, just as a pediatrician cannot guarantee that a child will never develop any health problems in the future. Some things are just not able to be predicted. Our parents are free of diseases, disorders, and health problems; otherwise we would not breed them. That means our puppies are less likely to develop problems. If anything does occur, I ask that you inform us so I can evaluate the parents and the other puppies from that litter in an attempt to determine the cause of the ailment and to remove the issue from my breeding program.


Parvo: There is no guarantee against Parvo. If you have chosen to do so, your puppy has been vaccinated at six weeks, and must continue to receive booster vaccination per the recommended veterinarian schedule to receive full immunity.  Please use common sense when taking your new puppy out. 


AKC registration: Seller is providing application for registration with American Kennel Club. Registration of puppy is at the expense of the BUYER.  BUYER agrees this puppy will only be registered with American Kennel Club, also known as AKC.


There is no guarantee offered to adult size, color, hair texture, temperament, or dropping of testicles.


Spay/Neuter:  BUYER agrees to not alter this puppy prior to 12 months of age, or any health guarantee will be voided.


Housing and Care:  This puppy will be kept at proper weight as per AKC standard, and never allowed to become obese. This dog will be given adequate and proper housing and shade, as well as exercise. This dog shall be given the proper amount of food and have fresh water available at all times. In no manner shall this dog be mistreated or neglected in any way.  The dog shall receive adequate and proper vet care and all vaccinations must be maintained and up to date.

IF for any reason you need to surrender this dog, Young Ridge Goldens will have first claim on that dog. We want to insure that the dog has a good home forever,  this is to include future owners if the dog rehomed.




We put much faith in NuVet Supplements, if you put your puppy on NuVet Plus and NuJoint and keep it on NuVet Plus and NuJoint for at least three years, we will guarantee that puppy against hip dysplasia for the entire 3 years. If a problem should arise, PennHip certifies hips with a certification score as early as 4 to 6 months of age. They will perform a pre-limb for OFA (Orthopedic Foundtion for Animal) at the same time. We will warranty a puppy up to 36 months old. This means if a problem arises and your vet states that your puppy has hip dysplasia, your vet must send copies of the x-rays to our Vet at your expense. We will have our Vet carefully examine the x-rays and share his thoughts. We will also expect you to have a PennHip test performed on the puppy at your expense. If PennHip states that there is indeed a problem with hip dysplasia, we will then replace your puppy at half the current purchase price. In addition, I will only replace a pup once at half the current purchase price. If someone gets two pups from our kennel and both have bad hips, then that person is doing something wrong in the way they raise their dogs and I will not cover any additional replacements.

You can order your NuVet Plus and NuJoint Supplements by calling 1-800-474-7044 or visiting and giving them the order number of 61055. 

New owners need to be very careful of over exercising a pup. This means no jogging until after the dog is 12 months old. This also means that you should not exercise your puppy to the point of exhaustion.  You should not take the pup for really long walks, around the block is fine, a 2 mile walk is not fine. They should not be allowed to jump up and down on things like furniture.

All puppies will be registered through the AKC at the owner’s expense within 30 days of purchase. The name and AKC registration number will be supplied to Young Ridge Golden Retrievers as confirmation.  IF this is not done THIS WARRANTY IS VOID.

Our warranty is a replacement puppy at half the current purchase price, NOT a money back warranty. We do NOT refund money on replacement dogs. There are no exceptions to this. THIS GUARANTEE IS NON TRANSFERRABLE AND APPLIES TO ORIGINAL PURCHASER ONLY.  THERE IS NO EXCEPTION TO THESE POLICIES.




There are no other implied or intended warranties or guarantees.


Date __________________


 __Harold & Suzanne Leib­­­­__                                     

Breeder’s Printed Name(s)                                                                                        


Breeder’s Signed Name(s)


I have read and agree with the statement herein,


New Owners Printed Name(s)


New Owners Signed Name(s)                                                                                  



Date ____________________________