Dear Harold and Suzanne Leib,

Thank you so much for making our adoption experience a very special one. You made sure we had plenty of pictures & videos so we could watch our little Abygale grow, change and make advances in her life.  This was very important to us and we felt as if we were there all the while watching in person.  You also made sure we knew when she first opened her eyes, braved that one step and learned how to play with rest of the gang. You gave Abygale a great start in life and she is very healthy. You welcomed us into your home on several occasions so that we could visit with Abygale and play with her as well as the rest of your dogs. You have no idea how much this meant to us. When our older Golden died and we were heartbroken, you went out of your way to send us a card sharing how sorry you were for our loss. We have thoroughly enjoyed our purchasing experience with your family. You were honest and forthright with all the answers to our questions. Your home was clean; all your dogs were clean and well mannered. Your dogs are part of your family and treated as your children. Our experience was truly remarkable for you are a caring, honest, breeder and we were thrilled that Abygale came from such a wonderful home. We would hope that soon others would discover just how delightful it is to experience the “Leib way,” when purchasing Golden Retrievers. It was truly a wonderful experience and we will be coming back to purchase our next Golden from you.

Thank you again, for the wonderful experience you have shared with our family,


David and Sheri Early

Erin, TN

Sue at Young Ridge Goldens was great to work with and we couldn't be happier with our puppy, Finley.  Sue was great about posting pictures and videos online while the puppies were weened and we looked forward to watching their progress on a daily basis.  She was very flexible on scheduling an initial visit to meet Finley prior to pick up day.  She was also very helpful providing tips and suggestions on nutrition and general care.  Finley is 7 months old now and Sue still follows up and checks in often on his progress.  Finley is a beautiful dog and always gets a lot of attention when in public and has become a best friend for our son.  He is somewhat of a celebrity in our neighborhood!  He has also been a very healthy dog and has had no problems at his vet visits.

I recommend Young Ridge Goldens to anyone considering adding a puppy to their family!


-Bart and Sherry

Franklin, TN



Liberty and Jazmen (5lbs) playing for the first time. Now we can't keep them apart. (picture #1)
Grandma comes down daily to play with my two dogs. They love her. (picture #2)

This day the family got to gather to decorate for Christmas. Liberty is not allowed on the furniture because Jazmen sits on couch as her safe zone. We where into our decorating for Christmas and well, now we know why they where being so quiet. They normally are loud play together but this day they played for 20 min as quiet as a mouse while play fighting together. This is the day I knew they became the best of friends. Since that day they have had the strongest bond. If grandmas dogs bother Jazmen Liberty comes running to protect her. (pictures #3) 

My daughter came home for a week at Christmas and now they are best buds. Liberty knocked down Justice and licked her to death. I think Liberty was depressed for a few days after she went home. (picture #4)

We decided to take all 4 dogs on the farm to get groomed together. Now, I wish I had a picture of this but we had the most peaceful 30 minute drive to and from the groomers together. Liberty has brought our home together and made our dogs unite with a stronger bond. 

She loves all of her toys, walks, fetching (ball and frisbee), training and, grandma and grandpa play. I'm running out of ideas for new training so I need to get some books on training. She loves to learn new tricks and it only takes a few days and she has the trick down.  If we skip a day without training you can see she is telling you to train her. Kenny has almost got her to catch her ball or frisbee in midair at about 50 yards out. He throws it with her next to him. She has power in her run and she is always glowing when playing outside. 

We can't believe the joy Liberty has brought us all and I can't believe she has only been with us 12 weeks.  We feel she has been here forever, maybe because we do so much together. Thanks for our best friend and loving family member. She brings us love and joy that you just can't put into words. If you where here you could see the joy radiating in the air around us. 

Kenny and Debbie Jones

Verailles, KY

 Bentley with Jackson Wilson

Bentley with Jackson Wilson


My experience with Young Ridge Goldens has been fantastic! I contacted Mrs. Sue Leib inquiring about breeding my female with one of her males, and so the journey began. We bred my female Golden to Young Ridge's gorgeous Bailey, and the match produced two wonderful puppies. But more importantly, while my female stayed with them during the breeding process she was loved tremendously and extremely well cared for, as their own dogs are. It was a great experience and I'm looking forward to future breedings! Thanks Sue!

 Justice Woodside

McMinnville, TN

The picture to the right is Tawny who is owned by Justice. She came to us and we bred her with our Bailey. She is a very sweet girl and we loved having her here. 

Sue Leib



It is safe to say that Charlie has been the absolute best pet I have yet or am likely to ever own. His keen intelligence, quick and willing attitude toward instruction, and adorable temperament combine to create more than I could have ever hoped for in a furry companion. Kind toward humans and incredibly friendly to other furballs, this dog has stolen the hearts of myself and my roommate alike who would gladly “take him off my hands” –as if that would ever happen. He is clearly the result of a fine line of k-9s and the caring nurture of excellent dog owners. My hat’s off to Young Ridge Goldens and their mission toward providing future puppy owners with the absolute superlative in an already incredible breed of animal.


Sam Roy

Chattanooga, TN


Young Ridge Golden's has been a blessing to our family not only did we get a great dog (Bently) from them but we also made some lifelong friends!  During the whole process of finding them and getting a puppy they were great!  Always available to help and ask questions!  They love ALL their dogs like their children!  Great people, Great facilities for the dogs, and Great GOLDENS!! 
Amber Wilson

Oliver Springs, TN





Our adoption experience with Young Ridge Goldens has been a pleasure from the very beginning.  When we viewed their website information and saw pictures of their beautiful goldens, we filled out an application to reserve a female puppy (Callie)  from the next litter of Autumn and Bailey born February 25, 2016.  We were grieving over the loss of our previous golden and didn’t really want to wait that long for a puppy, but we are so very glad we did.  We got to watch Callie grow from being born to 8 weeks from all the pictures and videos that Sue takes.  We could tell she was a very loving and caring breeder and took very good care of her goldens.  She is also a wealth of advice when needed on caring for your puppy.  Callie is 10 months old now and a beautiful dog with an excellent temperament and we love her dearly.  We would highly recommend Young Ridge Goldens for your next furever friend.

Toby and Debbie Sacre

Waddy, KY

 Sonie Deja Blue

Sonie Deja Blue

When my husband, I and our Golden Retriever Buddy of 13 yrs. moved here to TN. we were looking forward to a calmer slower life then what we had in Chicago. We brought Buddy home on Mother's Day 2003.  He was at our side for the next 13 years. One day he started limping. Like a ton of bricks falling on me the next thing I was told was he had Cancer. Two weeks later our best friend was gone.  I still cry thinking about our Buddy, I'm crying now.  It's crazy how we can become so attached.  It's the Golden bond.
      We knew we had to have another best friend as soon as possible. Referred by a co-worker I contacted "Young Ridge Golden's".  Sue & Harry warmly welcomed us to their very thorough pre-adoption questionnaire. I was impressed by their wanting to know exactly who & what type of environment that their puppy's would be going into.  When Autumn had her pups, it seemed like forever to us because she just had became pregnant, we then went & picked out our "Sonie". He was always up near his moms neck cuddling with her. This is how we knew he was the one for us. Wait it doesn't stop there, Sue & Harry took constant videos & pictures daily of the puppies to share with us. This is something rare & was very special to us to be able to see Sonie for the next 7 weeks till we were able to bring him home.
    Best breeders ever, they Love with all they have each and every puppy born.
Our Sonie will turn 2 soon & he is not only loyal & regal but a big lovable, playful fur-ball. 
Thank you again Harry & Sue for being the best. 
Jeanie & Bill

Crossville, TN

  Finley & Ginger

Finley & Ginger

The only thing better than a Golden Retriever, is two Golden Retrievers. Thanks to Sue and Harold, my wife and I are the proud parents of Finley and Ginger. How we found each other is a long story but we firmly believe that there is a divine hand in bringing the lives of these wonderful companions together with their families. Sue and Harold love their Goldens and it is reflected in the sweet spirit of their dogs and all of the Young Ridge puppies. We consider ourselves blessed to be a part of the extended family and love staying connected with them to see the dogs/kids bring joy to everyone they meet.    


Jonathan & Amy

Murfreesboro, TN


SUE,  Young Ridge Goldens


I just gotta tell you how perfect Jax is.




We just wanted to thank you for our wonderful experience of adoption through Young Ridge Goldens. We live near Charleston, S.C. and it was still a very smooth and easy process.  We enjoyed the trip to pick up our treasure named "Mercy" and really admired your home and facilities for all the goldens. Thank you again and you will forever be a part of our  family.  We love "Mercy" and consider ourselves blessed. 



Kathryn and Curt Sircy



Letter for Sue

As I am writing this, my dog Weller is playing in our backyard. He is my best friend, my cuddle buddy, and my joy. I can’t thank Sue Lieb for the gift she has given me.  She is a wonderful person inside and out. She loves these goldens as much as their owners do. She really takes the time to go the extra step to make the experience of getting a golden from her that much better. She was and still is a great resource for any questions. Weller is my first dog, yes, first dog ever. She was great with me. She answered all my questions and is very knowledgeable. She has been very patient with me and my busy schedule.

When I first went to visit Weller, walking into their house I just felt a lot of love. They were so kind and welcoming. They even gave Weller a bath and had him all clean for when I came to see him. She took photos of us, some of which I have framed today. At the time I got Weller I was 4-5 hours away in Louisville, Kentucky finishing up dental school. She was great about posting pictures of the puppies so I could watch Weller grow up and play with his siblings. I was on Facebook more than I care to admit looking at photos. I was so happy she posted those. I still have some of those on my phone and I look at them often. When I went to pick up Weller, Sue had everything together for me. She made everything so easy. She was so thoughtful and again she took more photos 😊.

Weller is now 3 and I still feel very close to Sue. The Facebook group for Young Ridge Goldens is like a family. Its nice to have a network of people to talk to and share stories with. I get compliments on how handsome Weller is daily. I get a lot of questions about where I got Weller. I always tell people about Young Ridge because they are the best. One of my good friends, her and her family used to breed goldens. Once they saw Weller they were very impressed and are now on the waiting list at Young Ridge for a puppy. We could not have been happier with Weller and our experience with Young Ridge. They are such good people and they breed amazing golden retrievers.

Mara Krill



Took him to Oktoberfest Saturday I swear I couldn't walk 20' without people petting him and hugging him. People I swear were waiting in line. He loved the attention. He is a beautiful show dog. And I think he knows it.


Food booths would stop me and feed him.... not me though!


He is so loving I can't imagine life without him.







Dear Sue,


Just wanted to reiterate how satisfied Susan and I are with Cooper and the overall experience of adoption through Young Ridge Golden’s.  Cooper has great lines and a wonderful disposition not only with us, but also when guests arrive at our home.  He is even friendly and playful with our male tabby cat Quinn, they are best friends.  Overall Cooper is very smart, sensitive, and a perceptive Golden Retriever who provides Susan and I daily variety of fun, laughter, and owner satisfaction.  


Thanks so much for your patience with us, and providing an outstanding experience. 




Matt & Susan Alexander



Our experience was GOLDEN! Young Ridge was so helpful when going through the process of getting our first puppy. They were quick to respond, honest about their thoughts on what works and what doesn’t work. We love our Huey so much – people go on and on about how pretty his coloring is.

Ashleigh Campbell